Ann Neydon Wilson
Ann Neydon Wilson
Ann’s is the face you’re likely to see at the tasting bar most days (you’ll recognize her by the flowing white hair and the big smile). She is the head honcho at Oxley and it is her vision and passion that propel the place. She left a busy law practice at a Detroit firm to begin the winery adventure in late 2009 and has been at it full-steam ever since. The renovation of the Barn was her idea and design. Ann is enjoying the winery immensely and hand-picked the staff so that visitors will enjoy it, too.

Murray Willson
Murray Wilson
Murray, also known as "Murray the Mower", is the humorous and business-savvy core of Oxley Estate Winery. He did the detail work during renovation of The Barn and is responsible for our sales and marketing efforts. Though not at the winery full-time (he still runs the other family business with his son Steve), he’s here often to help.

You’ll find Murray tending the outdoor fireplace and working the tasting bar on weekends. He’s also mastered the dishwasher.

We call him "Murray the Mower" because during the summer we find him by spotting the cloud of dust where he is mowing (seemingly 24/7).

Kerry Godden
Kerry Godden
Kerry, our Operations and Events Manager, is a bit mysterious – young, but with a deep and diverse experience in the food and wine business. She is our gracious detail person and has an intense desire to plan the perfect event for each client. Kerry works closely with everyone else at the Winery and both contributes to and implements our strategic plan and goals.

She has extensive experience in planning the culinary, decor and logistical aspects of events (weddings, showers, other celebrations, corporate meetings, etc.). She also works well with other event planners.

Jody Goslin
Jody Goslin
Jody is a certified Master Taster and a lifelong food and wine enthusiast. She brings us 25 years’ experience in excellent customer service and an infectious enthusiasm for life and wine.

Jody is always ready for a new challenge and opportunity, so you might find her behind the tasting bar, waiting tables, at a tradeshow or out and about in the region taking a taste of Oxley to restaurants.

Steve, Karolynn, David, Andy, Matt and Will Wilson
The younger Wilsons are enthusiastic supporters of the family winery and key members of the team. Steve has designated himself CLO (Chief Lawn Officer), which gives him the authority and responsibility on weekends for mowing the lawns (he and his Dad, Murray, have twin mowers) and keeping the grounds of the vineyards and Winery pristine. His wife, Karolynn, is a certified Master Taster and works with the culinary team at Oxley. David and Andy spent two summers in the vineyards. Now they help with everything from dishwashing to harvesting. Matt and Will do all the small, but important, jobs, like dusting down low, and working as samplers in the kitchen.

The whole family worked at salvaging bricks – made by Jack Miner himself – from Jack Miner’s Bird Sanctuary for the outdoor fireplace after we bought the bricks from a demolished wall.

Francisco Duarte Sanchez
Francisco has worked for us in the growing season since 2011. He is the foreman in the field and a gentle, happy presence in the vineyard… hard working and organized. During the off-season, he works as a porter at the bus station in Puerta, Mexico, where his wife, children and grandchildren live. He enjoys learning English.

Guillermo Luna Sanchez
Guillermo is a quiet, gentle man and a steady worker, always ready with a smile and nod to help with anything. He particularly liked helping with the landscaping around the Winery and watching the transformation of the Barn from the place where we made the wine in 2011 to the place where we sell it. He doesn’t speak English, but enjoys waving to visitors and sharing greetings. During the off-season, Guillermo picks fruit in Mexico, where his wife, children and grandchildren live. He is devoted to Francisco, with whom he has lived and worked for some 13 years.

Melissa Compton
Melissa is Vice President of Operations at the other family business, but Oxley Estate Winery calls upon her many talents and ideas regularly. She is brimming with energy and enthusiasm and, perhaps most importantly, she takes good care of us.

Linda Roy-Chambers
Linda keeps the financial records, does our government reports and is one of our best lunch customers. She’s full of fun and smarts.

Alumni Update
Allison Christ, our apprentice winemaker in 2011, is now the assistant winemaker at Colio Estate Wines in Harrow. We are so proud of her and know that her work ethic and passion for the wine industry will propel her career. You go, girl!

Bev Carnahan, our guiding light in the first year as we began to serve food, moved with her husband John to a new home in Prince Edward County in June, 2013. It is still inexplicable to us why someone would voluntarily leave Paradise, but we wish them both, our dear friends, well.